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Pioneering a New Era in
Collaborative Commerce.

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Kognitiv is pioneering a new era of collaborative commerce – enabling brands to engage deeply and securely with their customer base.
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We have designed a next generation platform where companies can directly trade their products and services to one another’s audiences. Brands can now collaborate directly with suppliers and value-added operators, providing customers with personalized experiences.

Kognitiv has created new distribution applications designed on the principles of effective commerce:

value discovery,


trade, and


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With billions of transactions to date, our exchange network employs vast connectivity, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and distributed applications to analyze consumer behavior data and identify profitable opportunities for brands and partners to leverage.
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These opportunities are dynamically packaged for consumers through advanced interfaces that can live seamlessly inside any website, backed by Kognitiv’s technology resources, applications, and expertise.
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With Kognitiv, consumer brands engage their customers with unique, inspiring and personal experiences. Suppliers gain access to significant private markets of motivated buyers. And both groups take major steps forward in building loyalty, retention, and new revenue streams.

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Kognitiv was founded in 2009 by Peter Schwartz, formerly Chair and CEO of Descartes Systems Group. He also co-founded Laurence Capital, a private capital firm, and backed entrepreneurial success stories such as Clearpath Robotics, Globalive, Quickplay, Achievers, Symbility, BigRoad and others.

Kognitiv is headquartered in Waterloo Region, Canada, with over 220 employees – Canada (Kitchener, Mississauga and Toronto), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Austria (Vienna), China (Hong Kong), UK (Bournemouth and Manchester) and United States (Charlottesville).