Many companies
claim to have
something unique…

We actually do.

Together with our clients and partners we are building something truly groundbreaking.

Collaboratively and transparently, we are fashioning a way to create what consumers and shareholders persistently demand.

Greater value.

Kognitiv unearths value for our clients and their consumers. That’s our driving purpose.

Businesses create value. Yet many can’t deploy or even recognize that value effectively.

Kognitiv’s entire model relies on unearthing value for our clients and their consumers.

We unearth value where no one is looking.

We unearth value through incremental business improvements. Often using algorithmic costing, advanced blockchain technology and process automation.

Embrace the potential of your own market, add the power of others and you will see more consumer satisfaction.

Your own market presents a massive opportunity. And, by collaborating with others, it’s possible to create better services, more complete offers and compelling, tangible value.

We unearth that value first. To drive returns for clients, for partners and for consumers.

Actually, everything we do improves returns. On yield, on assets and on capital.

And we return control. Control of marketing, control of data and, most importantly, control of the future.

If you’re a C-suite leader, we believe you have the perspective and the imagination to fully grasp our offer.

You’re facing some of the most challenging business conditions ever. Disruptive forces that stymy all attempts to create consumer value.

Meanwhile company shareholders demand sustainable growth.

Today, 250 Kognitiv team members are busy unearthing value for some of the world’s most recognized businesses.

We aren’t for everyone but if you’re in a consumer facing organization that turns over more than USD$100MM, chances are you’ll want to improve margins, insights and consumer engagement.

That’s exactly what we do. In ways that were previously impossible.

Outline your challenge, and we will show you how we unearth value inside your organization.

There’s one last reason that makes Kognitiv unique.

We get paid out of the dividend we generate for you. That’s right. We aim to unearth so much value inside your organization that Kognitiv’s involvement will cost you net nothing.

That’s a bold claim. But it’s one we’re uniquely able to make.

And deliver.

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