Where trading partners can build secure and beneficial relationships.
Where they retain ownership of their data and content.
Where they directly benefit from the capital they invest and the resources they deploy.
Where they can now add meaningful, tangible value to their consumers in ways they cannot today.

The Internet promised a new era of collaboration and commerce.

An era where buyers could connect directly with suppliers to co-create unique and valuable experiences for their customers.

An era where the intermediaries who added value to buyers or suppliers could actually thrive.

That open, direct and transparent connection has not happened.

The ability to deepen customer loyalty and drive brand growth hasn’t happened.

We intend to change that.

That change is called Kognitiv.

Kognitiv is an exchange where buyers, or groups of buyers, can directly connect with suppliers.

Where buyers can utilize their immense purchasing power to develop customized programs and products with highly engaged suppliers.

Where suppliers can interact directly with buyers, rather than through a host of intermediaries that provide little value but charge significant brokerage fees.

Where intermediaries can add genuine value to both parties through their broad experience and deep expertise.

Where partners can build meaningful customer experiences that deepen relationships, drive loyalty and build their brands.

This is how collaborative commerce should work.

This is Kognitiv.

Join Us.