Collaborative commerce opens the door to new efficiencies, independence, innovation and opportunities to forge connections with your customers.


Collaboration efficiencies offer new value for all parties that can be reinvested to enhance customer engagement or fund any of your organization’s strategic imperatives.


Working directly with partners allows organizations to break free from third parties with high commissions, unsustainable pay-per-click advertising models and limited customer interaction.


Cost efficiencies, direct customer relationships and combined data capabilities formed through partners unlocks new customer perspectives and tests proof of concepts for new products, services and strategies.


Engage partner audiences and deepen existing customer relationships with personalized, relevant value formed through direct connections, capital and insights from partners.

We offer an all-in-one Collaborative Commerce solution

We make Collaborative Commerce a reality. Our Platform + Performance subscription provides organizations with the technology, infrastructure, regulatory compliance and managed services needed to exchange and trade your currencies, goods and services, and share zero-party data to create targeted, cost-effective, personalized value for those who matter the most, your customers.

What’s Included


Our platform license includes the technology, infrastructure, required agency licenses, and regulatory compliance to seamlessly exchange and trade currencies, goods and services, and zero-party data.


Each subscription comes with a dedicated team of industry leaders to guide your strategy, manage your partnerships, leverage partner capital and funding, and run campaigns and always-on programs to help your organization achieve your most ambitious goals.


Our built-in performance model provides a framework for funding and consumer value generation that gives each client the freedom and flexibility to choose where, when and how they would like to collaborate with their partners.

The Platform


Our proprietary technology and algorithms facilitate trading amongst peer organizations, dynamically apply value to goods, services and currencies, and execute personalized merchandising, redemption and synchronization across customer touchpoints and systems of record.


Our Platform enables organizations to securely share, store and manage data from multiple data sources including zero-party data in compliance and with confidence.


Our Platform is built on a globally deployed solutions stack, powering peer trade interactions, merchant services, customer engagement and support, payment processing, transaction settlement, one-stop fulfillment and advanced analytics and customer insights.


Our Platform fully integrates with over 1,000 suppliers and service providers, enabling seamless and secure real-time transactions and fulfilment required by modern organizations.


Exchange and trade goods and services and create intelligent, hyper-personalized offer bundles using machine learning and predictive models that identify the optimal product, price and placement.


Our Platform safely actions your zero-party data with partners to amplify impact and build trust with consumers. With Kognitiv, you can converse with partners using this data to offer new value and generate more powerful insights from our AI and ML tools.

We’re also a globally recognized provider of next-generation solutions to leading brands

How we’re different

We’re not brokers

We don’t charge commissions or stand in the way of you and your customers or partners.

We win when you win

Instead of commissions, we charge small performance fees when your business reaches clearly defined goals with our solution.

It’s your data, we just look after it

We help you get the most out of your data – we do not claim ownership or monetize any of it outside of improving our services.

Your customers, your brand

The value and experiences we make possible are there to form emotional connections with your brand, not ours. That’s why we’ll never be seen in the spotlight.