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Classify, Quantify, and Predict

Through analyzing customer behaviours across key lifecycle stages and touchpoints, our SmartJourney® methodology provides a lens and framework to evolve your programs, partnerships and ecosystem to meet your customers where they are, so you can better deliver what they need and want.

Customer Segmentation & Profiles

We explore your customer data and identify key segments based on their behaviours, interests, and preferences – analyzing what these differences mean in terms of customers’ current engagement, potential value, and your partnership opportunities.

Customer Lifecycle & Milestone Mapping

We uncover opportunities to inspire customers from their first interaction with you to becoming brand advocates. Using a predictive, data-led approach that incorporates AI and machine learning tools, your customers’ journey is visualized across growth milestones and measured against industry benchmarks with predictions of future behaviour and recommendations on how to ensure customers stay on the path to a long-term valuable relationship with your business.

Customer Experience & Journey Touchpoints

Our Experience Touchmap creates a representation of the step-by-step decision-making process each customer follows with your brand today, and how to use these touchpoints, across channels to best guide them towards profitable behaviour in the future. It also highlights opportunities where collaborating with partners can generate significant shifts in their loyalty.

Loyalty Strategy Roadmaps

The Strategic Roadmap defines the initiatives, partnerships and trading relationships to execute a go-to market approach across all of your key segments – and helping you identify future initiatives to further grow, enhance, and optimize your programs and partnerships over time.

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