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Leverage partner capital and funding to offer your customers additional value and compelling experiences that drive engagement and CLV

Kognitiv enables retailers to use collaborative commerce to offer their audiences the personalized and memorable experiences needed to attract and retain today’s consumers.

Our technology, services and collaboration model provide the framework for retailers to manage, scale and optimize their networks and the efficiencies, profitability and opportunity that comes with collaboration.

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Increase Share of Wallet

Drive member transactions and engagement through partner-funded experiences.
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Enhance Customer Lifetime Value

Grow and optimize CLV through the cost-effective acquisition and engagement of members via shared audiences from funded partner campaigns.
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Access to an Ecosystem of Customers

Kognitiv’s secure platform enables retail brands to match their audiences with partners to identify shared and new customers and co-create disproportionate value for them.
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Time to Value

Our platform provides a reliable framework for efficient, scalable collaboration with partners and integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, services and partner networks.
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Pay for Performance

Our goal is to meet your key business objectives, and that’s why Kognitiv developed a pay-for-performance business model, where our success is directly tied to meeting your goals.
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Partner Data and Segmentation

Unlock net-new segmentation and customer insights from zero-party and first-party data sets to target relevant customer profiles and craft effective personalized experiences that drive value and engagement.

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