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Strategy & Program Design

Kognitiv’s strategy and program design places the customer at the center of loyalty and your business performance

Result-driven loyalty starts with quality design. We believe strategy and program design is continuous. A loyalty program should influence behavior as customers change and grow over time. It should be driven by data insights and delivered through optimal campaigns and meaningful customer experiences.

Loyalty Program Design & Program Health Checks

A great loyalty program starts with an innovative, customer-centric design. Whether it’s a full-scale new program design, complete overhaul of an existing program, or health check of your current program, our Loyalty Strategy & Consulting team designs programs to surpass company objectives. Design varies depending on goals, from identifying program effectiveness and quick wins, to diagnosing gaps and recommending an optimization strategy, to providing a full-scale program design and roadmap for continued success.

Loyalty Strategy & Consulting

In conjunction with design, our Loyalty Strategy & Consulting team lays the foundation for a differentiated, exceptional loyalty program through:

  • Financial and economic modeling that showcases incremental revenue and establishes KPIs
  • Member behavior assumptions derived from dedicated market research as well as internal and external benchmarking
  • Points liability forecasting including expiration and breakage
  • Promotional engagement of personalized campaigns across the customer journey
  • Industry trend analysis to understand table stake strategies and key differentiators

Organization Structure Optimization

Loyalty Strategy & Consulting resolves the problems that can block the delivery and execution of customer strategy. It’s critical to implement customer-centric loyalty throughout the organization to correctly and consistently execute at every customer touchpoint. This is done through effectively deploying people, processes, resources, insights and data. Fundamentally, the best customer loyalty strategy is built around a better understanding of customer behavior. Kognitiv helps businesses break down silos to drive enhanced revenue and profit through the delivery of better customer outcomes.

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