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Customer Insights & Personalization

With the right technology and segmentation, personalization is easy, affordable and fast

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Segmentation & Personalization

With the right technology and segmentation, personalization is easy, affordable and fast

Advanced Segmentation for Actionable Insights

How can you easily scale tailored and personalized journeys? Advanced segmentation dives deep into the behavioral and lifestyle analysis that allows you to look at not just demographics, but the actual products like-minded customers are purchasing. Supported by SmartJourney®, our segmentation tools, utilized by our behavioral and analytics experts, use sophisticated algorithms to scan high volumes of customer data to groups customers into lifestyle segments.

Advanced & Granular Segmentation

Identify key customer segments in terms of behavior, interests, preferences and opportunity through advanced segmentation and visualize your customers across key milestones benchmarked within the proven SmartJourney® methodology. With the ability to get as granular as you need across unlimited customer attributes, your ability to segment and deliver targeted communications across relevant touchpoints is infinite.

Really Know Your Customer

You can’t personably speak with your customers unless you know them, and processing massive amounts of customer data can take tremendous resources, time and investment. By employing advanced segmentation, marketers can group customers on products and behaviors, see how they move between segments, and identify motivations to build messaging that drives behavior.

SmartJourney® Enabled Offer Engine

Deep segmentation across SmartJourney® segments, brand value and customer lifestyle can power an automated offer engine. These customer indicators influence and deliver a Next Best Experience that engages customers through tailored product recommendations, upsell opportunities, promotions and relevant offers.


  • Go beyond understanding past behavior and move toward predicting future value, inspiring customers to becoming a brand advocate
  • Enhance customer experience and program performance by targeting customers based on a full range of rules and qualifications
  • Our technology features user-defined, customizable attributes for system-wide personalization and segmentation
  • Make business decisions faster with a platform that quickly processes business and customer data and uncovers opportunities

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