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Customer Data Management

Craft a better customer experience and personalization through data collection and triggered decisioning

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Customer Data Management

Craft a better customer experience and personalization through data collection and triggered decisioning

Be There for Your Customers at the Right Time

World-class customer data management means personalized offers, promotions, challenges and rewards across the customer lifecycle. From enrollment to reward redemption, intuitive customer data management is essential to really knowing your customer. Our loyalty system enables brands to synthesize data and deliver the right customer experience at the right time.

360-Degree View of Customer

Collect a holistic view of your customer – across preferences, interactions, transactions, brand satisfaction – to build a data-rich profile that fuels personalization through real-time attribution. A comprehensive view of the customer goes beyond where they’ve been. It means understanding where they are now in their journey, where they’re likely to go, and what they need in that instant to have a meaningful and positive brand experience.

Managing the Customer Lifecycle from Enrollment to Advocacy

Kognitiv’s robust technology puts the customer’s 360-degree profile at your fingertips. From enrolling hundreds of thousands of members to 1:1 high-touch customer service, our loyalty system gives your teams the information needed to guarantee the ideal customer experience.

Proprietary Loyalty Scoring

Knowing the value of your customers at any point along their journey enables brands to strategically invest in people who will drive ROI and advocacy. Kognitiv technology uses RFM and predictive scoring derived from analyzing behavior to determine the value each customer brings to your business. Our Proprietary Loyalty Scoring tool empowers marketers to manage and optimize the customer’s journey toward profitability.

Fraud Management

As a best-in-class loyalty technology, our solutions can monitor and flag potential fraudulent behavior, making it easier for you to monitor at-risk individuals and protect your program against gaming and potential revenue loss.


  • Highly configurable and flexible system perfect for complex programs that span multiple countries, currencies and customer attributes
  • Data collection and consolidation across an unlimited number of customer attributes and touchpoints enables personalized journeys that are easy to execute
  • Easily handles dynamic loyalty program structures, including householding, points transferring and pooling currency within groups
  • A depth of information available to customer service teams and in-house staff alike, offering a snapshot of key customer motivations and behaviors

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