The Kognitiv collaborative network - securely connecting consumer brands with travel suppliers.

Network Integration Diagram



For consumer brands and corporations

Consumer brands focus their marketing and customer service assets on outcomes that most deeply reinforce their brand stories and align with consumers’ desire to enjoy great experiences. The attributes of travel and vacation are powerful ingredients in creating such experiences — with everything from inspiration, trip planning, visiting signature destinations, meeting new friends, unexpected adventures and ultimately the sharing of memories.

The Kognitiv network allows consumer brands the ability to leverage their buying power to create quantifiable rewards for their valuable customers, and attract more of them through travel related online marketing techniques. The already assembled consumer audiences of lifestyle brands are powerful buying groups and bring significant value to partners and suppliers who can collaborate directly with them.


For hotel owners

Owners of hotel properties are increasingly looking for new ways of marketing their capacity and rationalizing distribution cost. Kognitiv allows hotels to market directly to large consumer audiences in both high and low seasons. Kognitiv’s hospitality services include offering value added, non-hotel product to their hotel-direct online presence and the ability to market such online.

For airlines

The leisure business segment of the airline industry thrives on hotel-flight combinations. Kognitiv offers airlines fare arrangements for direct distribution to consumer brands including complete vacation and package solutions, inclusive online and live agent sales, and travel interruption support.


For travel agencies

Travel professionals excel in traveler inspiration and the personalized curation of destinations. Travel agencies are challenged to leverage their expertise to influence customer retention activities and increase margins. The Kognitiv collaborative network allows agencies to work directly with consumer brands and corporate customers within their portfolio and directly bundle their value with the increased brand experience that travel brings to their customers.

For tour operators

Tour operators aim to expand their product catalogue and offer a larger variety of destinations and experiences. The Kognitiv collaborative network allows tour operators to leverage aggregated demand on the network, increasing margin on the less traveled destinations, while attracting customers with an increased collection. Collaboration with large consumer brands enables tour operators to address specific audiences directly in their primary demand geographies.


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