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The Internet Promised A New Era Of Collaboration And Commerce…

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… where buyers could connect directly with suppliers to co-create unique and valuable experiences for their customers. An era where the intermediaries who added value to buyers or suppliers could actually thrive.

That open, direct and transparent connection has not happened. Instead, a small number of online intermediaries dominate the landscape with models that are adversarial towards the suppliers and buyers they should be supporting.

Kognitiv, a marketing focused technology company, believes it’s time for a change. That change is called Collaborative Commerce; a new approach to business that relies on collaboration rather than a brokerage model. Kognitiv is redefining how brands can create desired consumer experiences and build enduring relationships with their most valued customers.
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We are transforming how experienced based products such as travel and entertainment are being packaged, distributed and valued by consumers.

Our business model is built on an unwavering commitment to sharing risk with our partners and clients. At its core, we operate with performance-based philosophy, driven to deliver meaningful results. We share in the risk and we succeed when our partners do.

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