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Media & Telcom

Deliver compelling, personalized and sustainable value with partner funding and capital

Kognitiv enables media and telcom organizations to deliver unique and compelling value propositions, offers and experiences as a competitive advantage.

Our technology, services, and infrastructure provides direct connections to partner capital, funding and audiences to effectively leverage the power of collaboration at a scale not possible anywhere else.

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Fuel Acquisitions

Reach new audiences and win customers with relevant and cost-effective value propositions made possible through collaboration with trusted, complementary brands.
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Enhance Stickiness

Build meaningful connections with customers by offering personalized, brand-building experiences and value that expand to key moments of their lifecycle.
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Offer More, For Less

Attract and retain customers with compelling, yet cost-effective value propositions made possible through partner-funding and capital.
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Boost Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

Achieve (and exceed) your strategic objectives through targeted application of partner funding on key customers, segments or customer behaviors that matter to your business.
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Mitigate Churn

Kognitiv’s deep analytics recognizes key moments in the customer lifecycle and enables you to dynamically offer additional partner-funded value to customers more likely to churn or wavering in engagement.

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