Your Distribution Strategy. Your Destiny.

Online technology advancements have clearly impacted the travel industry on a massive scale. New distribution models and intermediaries are gaining control of a large share of the market. The unfortunate result for hotels, resorts and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) is a loss of direct relationships with consumers — and with it, a loss of control over their own destiny.

There are two major reasons for this decline in direct consumer relationships. The industry’s new intermediaries have:

  1. Created travel shopping destinations that dominate online search through unparalleled selection and convenience for consumers.
  2. Gathered significant amounts of consumer data and do not share it with travel suppliers.

The keeper of consumer data is king. Online intermediaries, by not sharing that data, force travel suppliers into unhealthy, long-term and dependent relationships. In this non-collaborative environment, intermediaries prevent travel suppliers from understanding, and delivering upon, consumer needs.

Finding your path to a better destiny

A better solution for your future starts with a fresh perspective: Online intermediaries are not the only companies gathering and leveraging consumer data.

Consumers invite all kinds of brands into their daily lives. Grocery stores, gas stations, cell phone companies, and countless more have regular transactions and trusted relationships with consumers. They all enjoy access to a tremendous amount of consumer data. They are known as consumer “Home Brands”.

These major brands seek to offer value and deepen relationships with their consumers, who demand personalization and delight in return for loyalty. Not surprisingly, these brands see travel as an exciting and innovative addition to their strategic offerings. Travel is one of the most personal and joyful experiences of our lives — and thus an opportunity for home brands to forge even stronger ties with their valued customers.

Collaborate and thrive

The Kognitiv network brings travel suppliers and major consumer brands together in one collaborative distribution environment. Consumer data is shared privately and securely for the benefit of your marketing and distribution strategies and for the loyalty programs of consumer brands.

The network, operating like an exchange, uses machine learning algorithms to facilitate match-making between consumers and your travel offerings. The technology identifies the ideal profile of potential guests and works with you to put the right offers in front of the right consumers at the right times. Kognitiv then facilitates the transaction using the most advanced booking engine in the travel industry.

Direct Distribution Management

Manage your online presence and direct distribution strategies efficiently, flexibly and with greater ROI. Our suite of distribution management tools, which include easy to use single-view dashboards, help you optimize budgets and resources across all marketing distribution channels. We’ve built these tools with simplicity, ease of use and strategic control in mind. The result includes enhanced targeting of your audience with intelligently tailored offers, less effort and an improved bottom line.

  • Optimized Metasearch – An auto-bidding platform for metasearch that adjusts bids across dozens of channels to optimize ROI. It can automatically re-invest marketing funds into the best performing channels.
  • Booking Engine – Entice consumers to book direct rather than through an Online Travel Agency. Use our engine to convert traffic from metasearch or to increase conversions on your own website. Either way, our team of conversion experts will ensure you know how to get the most from our valuable technology.
  • Dynamic Packaging – Bundle travel products from different suppliers with your hotel rooms, including over 900 airlines and charter flight programs. Wrap them under your brand and capture all the data provided by consumers. You can completely customize this experience, by choosing which airlines, hotels, tour providers and transfer companies to make available to your customers. Perhaps most exciting, dynamic packaging allows you to implement an opaque pricing strategy directly on your own website.

Your destiny in your hands

The Kognitiv network helps you gain two critical levers for controlling your own destiny:

  1. Contact with consumers at the initial planning stage, when desires can be influenced.
  2. Access to consumer data, for developing direct relationships with customers.

Kognitiv enables you to diversify your portfolio of distribution channels and market directly to large consumer audiences in both high and low seasons.

Join the Kognitiv collaborative network. Take control of your distribution strategy — and your destiny.