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Financial Services


Deliver compelling, personalized and cost-effective value through streamlined collaboration and funding from trusted partners

Kognitiv enables banks and other financial services organizations to reach new audiences and deliver compelling, hyper-personalized, cost-effective value through collaboration with trusted brands.

Our proprietary platform offers the technology, services and framework you need to manage, optimize and scale new and existing partnerships like never before.

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Offer your consumers more value and services for less by leveraging funding from a network of partners.
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Focus on your key objectives while we do the work of managing, optimizing and scaling your partnerships and returns.
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Build your network without expensive and lengthy investments in technology and partnership governance.
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Move towards sustainable offers and value propositions that keep customers engaged long after you’ve acquired them.
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Reach consumers and offer additional goods and services without losing control of valuable data and the customer experience.
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Move from discounts to offering personalized experiences and value that forge meaningful connections.

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