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Expand your reach and leverage a shared view of your customer to form new insights, personalize experiences and drive engagement

Kognitiv provides CPG/FMCG brands with an all-in-one solution to gain new direct-to-consumer channels, customer insights and deeper engagement through partner audiences and collaboration.

Benefit from distribution and marketing efficiencies and a shared view of the customer only possible through collaboration.

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Holistic Customer View

Kognitiv enables partners to view a 360-degree profile of shared customers and ideal audiences for acquisition. Dynamic segmentation allows this data to power personalized content, offers and experiences.
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Increase Share of Wallet

Drive deeper engagement by offering your customers partner-funded experiences and value that extends beyond your core offering.
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Drive Sustainable Engagement

Savings from cost-effective distribution and access to partner-funded value provides a means for sustainable acquisition and engagement initiatives.

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Shared Insights

Kognitiv’s platform provides CPG brands with a safe network to match their audiences with those from their partners for a 360-degree view of their shared customers in order to effectively engage them.
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Unlock Funding

Benefit from a network of cost-efficient partners providing allocated capital you can pass on as added value to your customers or funding for your initiatives.
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Faster Time to Value

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, services and partner networks and provides a reliable framework for efficient, scalable collaboration.

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