Be part of the best part of your consumer’s life.

Today’s fragmented marketing channels continue to shift power towards the consumer and away from brands and broadcasters. No longer the willing recipients of marketing messages, consumers hold the power to initiate online discussion, to create content, and to publish it widely. With this level of control in their online lives, consumers have high expectations for personalization.

Even brand-centric experiential marketing tactics are doomed to fall short in this environment. The next step for brands who want to increase loyalty, retention, and revenue, is to navigate meaningful paths deep into consumers’ lives.

Kognitiv collaborates with brands at the forefront of this movement. These brands are engaging consumers in the full spectrum of their lives by offering a selection of transactional programs and tangible rewards. They also leverage consumer data to ensure these activities are relevant, meaningful and appreciated. The goal: to elevate themselves to a “home brand” status with multiple consumer touchpoints, heightened retention and loyalty.

Travel – the open door

Kognitiv brings the welcomed and inspiring attributes of “sponsored” travel to this strategy. Travel is the most personal and joyful aspect of our lives. It’s a journey rich with opportunities to connect that includes inspiration, trip planning, visiting signature destinations, meeting new friends, unexpected adventures and ultimately the sharing of memories.

By joining the Kognitiv collaborative network, you will enhance your brand by weaving it into the personal travel experiences of your consumers. Within the network, you are able to use your consumer base as buying power to forge relationships and collaborate with travel suppliers. Through this private channel, you can discover, create, and offer unique and inspiring rewards to your consumers.

The collaborative network

Kognitiv’s network includes over 800,000 suppliers of travel and travel services, including hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines as well as the value added agencies and intermediaries who support them. It is a collaborative network that uses machine learning and distributed applications to analyze data about consumer behavior — then identify attractive opportunities for brands, suppliers and intimately the consumers.

For network participants, Kognitiv provides the expertise in technology, marketing, ecommerce, and travel to create value and success.

Increase your customer loyalty, retention and revenue opportunities. Travelize your brand.