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Collaborative Commerce

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Regaining control of the customer relationship.
Kognitiv has created an efficient way for brands to control customer data and build valuable connections with consumers.
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We help brands, with large customer bases, collaborate with other brands, who are seeking deeper customer engagement and new audiences for their experiential products and service. The “Collaborative Commerce” model efficiently aligns these needs – giving those with product/services the ability to combine or exchange some of those assets with other brands. This allows brands to enhance their offerings and gain access to new consumers. This enables:
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Effective distribution for suppliers of product. They reach audiences more profitably without intermediaries, by trading product/services securely with other brands in return for marketing programs and audience exposure.
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Brands with large customer bases can use their buying power to create enhanced product offerings that touch more aspects of their customers’ lives and create engagement.
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Heightened long-term customer loyalty for all brands.
Collaborative Commerce in Action – unlocking personal travel as an engagement tool.
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Kognitiv has brought the travel industry and consumer brands together in a trading environment where personalized travel programs are used as a powerful consumer engagement tool.

Hotel brands now have a better alternative to inefficient distribution models in which access to consumers, and their data, has been blocked by powerful search and social platforms that charge exorbitant commissions. Now they can directly reach customers/consumers in new ways; enabling direct lifetime relationships and brand equity.

Travel service providers are able to enhance their value by providing customized service to the employees and customers of their B2B clients.

Consumer brands, who seek deeper lifetime customer relationships, can use their aggregated customer audiences as buying power to acquire inspiring travel experiences. This additional personalized value can be offered to their best customers. As a result, brands increase their ability to engage consumers and rebuild relationships previously eroded by large online shopping platforms.

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Through Collaborative Commerce, all groups are efficiently and directly connected in an open and transparent exchange of value – allowing them to customize travel experiences for their own and shared customers by securely sharing value.

Kognitiv provides technology, connectivity, trade services and advanced data analytics that facilitate this collaboration. We do not own the data. We protect the privacy of our licensee’s business relationships.

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