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Collaborative Commerce

Welcome to

Open. Transparent. Intelligent.
We are Kognitiv.

Welcome to
Collaborative Commerce

Open. Transparent. Intelligent.
We are Kognitiv.

The Internet was meant to unlock a new era of collaboration between buyers and sellers.
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An era where buyers could interact directly with engaged suppliers to create highly personalized and valuable experiences.

An era where suppliers would have direct and unfettered access to buyers, rather than having to work through intermediaries who merely add brokerage fees but very little value.

An era where the intermediaries who did add value to these groups could actually thrive.

Sadly, this is not how commerce is conducted on the Internet today.

Buyers and sellers are not able to collaborate directly. There is no environment where buyers can leverage the full extent of their purchasing power to create uniquely personalized and highly valuable experiences.

There is no environment where sellers can openly interact with those buyers without intermediaries adding layers of complexity, fees and very little value.

And for those intermediaries that do add value, there is no way for them to participate without further adding to the cost of designing those experiences.

For businesses that care about enhancing customer relationships, deepening customer loyalty and building their brands, the environment is complicated, cumbersome and inefficient…

Until now
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Quite simply, Kognitiv directly connects trading partners in a mutually-beneficial trading relationship. Trading partners who can now exchange in an open and fully- transparent way to create customized experiences for their best and most valuable customers.

We’ve removed layers of unnecessary intermediaries, inefficiencies and costs by connecting buyers and suppliers without barriers, and rebuilding trading relationships to create and shift value to where it belongs. Between buyer and seller.

Now buyers, and even groups of buyers acting in a common interest, can exercise their full purchasing power to craft truly unique experiences working without impediment.

Now suppliers will have the ability to determine which buyers they want to work with to ensure their assets are fully and efficiently deployed.

Now intermediaries who bring unique experience and valuable expertise can add that immense value to the collaboration.

Now both suppliers and buyers can freely trade in an environment that offers ground-breaking AI to ensure that trades become smarter and more efficient. And powerful turn-key applications that deliver complete data security and full industry compliance from the outset.

Quite simply, businesses who want to grow by creating meaningful customer experiences and deepening customer loyalty can now do so. Simply and efficiently.

The Kognitiv Advantage:
Engage in an open and transparent trading environment without intermediaries, brokerage fees and inefficiencies.
Access a fully-vetted network of over 800,000 suppliers and world-class consumer brands.
Build deep and information-rich business relationships directly without compromising data ownership.
Co-create richer customer experiences by leveraging consolidated consumer brand purchasing power with engaged suppliers.
Create even more enhanced programs by leveraging intermediaries who add valuable experience and expertise.
Create smarter and more effective co-marketing campaigns by utilizing world-class AI platform to learn and optimize performance.
Fully engage with the confidence of a stringent SLA process and turnkey industry-wide compliance certification.
With Kognitiv, this is what collaborative commerce will be.