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Shawn Pearson joins Kognitiv as President

February 3, 2021

Shawn Pearson joins Kognitiv as President effective February 1st 2021. Shawn’s impressive track-record of developing high-performance teams and, his acute understanding of the complex challenges facing global Executives, makes him a wonderful addition to our Executive Team. Welcome Shawn.

“By putting zero-party consumer data at the core of our collaborative commerce model, Kognitiv’s clients and partners have the ability to redefine the rapidly-evolving relationship forming between businesses and their most important consumers. We’re confident that peer-to-peer collaboration will become the most sustainable way to create and deliver the new types of value that consumers demand. The collaborative nature of our platform, and the resulting network effects that benefit all partners, is a ground-breaking approach to deliver that type of business impact. As I look across the sheer breadth of our clients and partners, the possibilities for collaborative commerce are immense,” shared Mr. Pearson.

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