Project Description

Case Study

How Walmart Chile Reimagined Loyalty & Unlocked Revenue

Lider’s Challenge:

Walmart Chile (Lider) had an 8-year-old loyalty program that was no longer driving value to 75%+ of its members

Kognitiv’s Approach:

Using transactional data, Kognitiv conducted a segmentation to understand how different behavioural profiles – based on the banners they visited, their category preferences and range, and their value – were engaging with stores and with loyalty

We then mapped key behavioural segments against SmartJourney® Milestones to identify areas of customer growth – in visits, basket, range, and channel – and areas of churn risk

Ultimately designing a new loyalty program that dramatically and profitably increased rewards achievability and personalisation, and will enable future partner monetisation

Business Results:


Redeemers in Mi Club spend 10X more than Non-Redeemers


Redeemers have a 30-50% lower churn rate than Non-Redeemers


Credit Card penetration was healthy, but overall usage was low

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