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Collaborative Commerce

2020 was a brutal year for many Australian businesses. 2021 is showing signs of recovery but it certainly will not be plain-sailing for many of us.

We’re all seeking creative ways to accelerate our business recovery. As loyalty experts, we know that building deeper relationships with consumers is the surest way to achieve that.

Collaborative Commerce gives you that ability.

An innovative means to work directly with peers already in your ecosystem. To deepen existing partner relationships and bring more rewarding programs to life. To find new partners and funding sources to create more compelling offers and rewards.

Collaborative Commerce allows you to do all that. Today.

In this short video, our North American Managing Director Peter Menges discusses how collaborative commerce is perfectly designed for loyalty practitioners and organizations with robust reward programs. Collaborative Commerce enables them to create richer consumer data, better insights and even better programs.

Collaborative Commerce is a groundbreaking new way for your organization to deepen your consumer relationships and accelerate your business growth.
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Build richer data insights on your consumers

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Deepen existing partnerships – or create new ones

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Create more compelling and rewarding programs

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Build more trust with your consumers through zero-party data

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