New audiences, expanded offerings and direct channels increase engagement and grow revenue

Collaborative commerce with Kognitiv enables airlines to unlock new sources of revenue and unearth additional value for their customers.

Build direct channels, connect with new audiences and leverage allocated products and services from partners to provide customers with more value, flexibility, personalization and ultimately, better experiences.

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Expand Your Network

Kognitiv provides the end-to-end technology, services and framework for airlines to deepen existing relationships and benefit from new efficiencies and profitability through collaboration with partners.
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Grow and Secure Future Revenue

Receive goods, services and funding from partners to expand your offerings, grow revenues and invest in your initiatives.
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Deepen Customer Engagement

Connect directly to partner audiences, inventory and data to deliver enhanced value, choice and experiences that drive engagement.
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Guided Growth

Kognitiv provides services and strategy to manage and optimize new and existing partnerships, distribution channels, segments, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns and offers at scale.
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Increase Market Share & Reach

Kognitiv enables airlines to connect directly with new audiences and leverage zero-party data to own each relationship and fully control their customer experience.

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