Kognitiv Corporation develops and operates a collaborative travel commerce network. This network enables consumer brands in retail, media, and financial services to engage more deeply and securely with customers by offering exciting and relevant travel experiences that enhance their brands.

Consumer brands use Kognitiv to expand their audiences by connecting to a network of partners and travel suppliers, resulting in tangible value creation. This creates new and inspiring brand experiences, better service and measurable rewards for customers.

Through machine learning and distributed applications, the Kognitiv network analyzes proprietary data about consumer behavior to identify profitable opportunities for brands and partners to collaborate. Proprietary data remains secure, allowing parties to transact with confidence while exchanging the unique value that each party brings to the network. The outcome: strong, lasting relationships are forged with consumers who enjoy some of the best travel experiences in the world.


The travel industry has increasingly become interconnected, transactional and on-demand. Yesterday’s monolithic architectures cannot meet the needs of today. Recognizing this opportunity, Kognitiv has created a parallel universe of distributed applications designed on the principles of commerce: value discovery, collaboration, trade and personalization.

Kognitiv’s collaborative commerce network creates value by facilitating and enabling proprietary business partnerships. Its wide data analytics and transactional applications connect over 800,000 suppliers of travel and travel services, as well as the value added agencies and intermediaries who support them.

Kognitiv allows network members to:

  • Engage in deep and information-rich business relationships by exchanging and preserving data ownership securely and intelligently.
  • Build enduring reward schemes between brands and corporations with relevant supply and agency partners using “double” opaque pricing.
  • Create and imagine smart contracts that will align and predict demand for consumer audiences and that match value and time horizons.
  • Blend existing consumer brand datasets with traveler trip experience information with complete security.
  • Provide transparent consumer support services, reinforcing brand values and balancing experience with price.
  • Allow consumers to obtain rewards in their home brand loyalty currency, and access latent value in the network.


Peter Schwartz

Willem Galle

Eamonn Ferrin

Adam Heller

Kamal Pastakia

Robert Barlow Busch


Kognitiv Corporation is managed day-to-day by its group of founders. Over the course of the past few years, each founder merged their business with Kognitiv, creating Kognitiv’s collaborative commerce network and also joined the Kognitiv management team. Their shared inspiration and entrepreneurial passion is what drives Kognitiv’s customer success.

Jonathan Carroll

Ashwin Kamlani

Avinash Ambale

Silvio D’Addario

Klaus Niederacher

Holger Lausen

Andy Speight

Andy Speight

Darren Swan

Darren Swan


Peter Schwartz

Don Tapscott

John Bowey

Mark Rider

Ken Teslia

Rick Nathan

Mark Lerohl